Have expertise in neuroimaging? Looking for a gig in comparative science?

As the Bliss-Moreau Lab enters its next phase of expansion, it’s become clear that we would benefit from a new team member with expertise in neuroimaging. We are increasingly using MRI (structural and resting state analyses, to date) and the new developmental work will expand those projects. We use MRI to track brain development and aging, to carry out multi-species comparative projects, and plan neurosurgeries. There are probably other ways that it could be a useful tool for our work too, which is why we’re keen to bring someone in to the team who has established skills in data collection and analysis, can think creatively and outside the box about affective and social neuroscience, and wants to join a dynamic group of people who really value working as a team.

Given the folks who comprise our team now, we see a number of different ways that this new team member could become part of our group - as a postbac, as a postdoc, as a project scientist, in a full time or part time position, via a short term contract, or with an eye on a permanent position.

So, before we post a specific type of position, we are interested in finding out who might be interested in joining us. If this sounds like a gig that interests you, please reach out to Eliza and/or connect with her at SfN (email her or connect via Twitter).

Eliza Bliss-Moreau