We're hiring!

We’re hiring a new staff person to assist with our newly funded work on the consequences of fetal Zika virus infection. The project aims to understand how perturbations in brain development caused by fetal Zika virus infection impact infants’ social, affective, cognitive, and neural development. The work will be carried out in rhesus macaques. Because monkeys age 3-4x faster than humans, our hope is that we are able to predict what challenges human infants who were infected during the 205-2016 epidemic will face.

The ideal candidate will have experience working with nonhuman primates and must be willing to work with Zika infected animals (wearing appropriate personal protective equipment).

Note that we hire in the “Specialist” title code because staff in the Bliss-Moreau Lab contribute to the intellectual endeavors of the lab (experimental design, papers, posters, presentations, training students, etc.)


Recruiting will be open for 4 weeks. Position to be filled ASAP.

Eliza Bliss-Moreau